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Architecture Job Description

Architecture Job Description

Architecture job description includes all work that is done by an architect such as planning, designing and constructing buildings for commercial and residential purposes. So an architect must be interested in all new and old buildings to understand their construction, design, compatibility with the environment, making of drafts and at the same time must be good in mathematics and calculations. Along with these basic architecture job description, an architect must have a sound knowledge of the type of environment and how it affects the buildings in that particular area.

Much of the work today is done on computers as many new software have been developed that are used for drafting and doing other architecture job designs. So sound knowledge of all these is must to complete the work on time. The job of an architect is not done in isolation but it needs close liaison with other professionals like surveyors, engineers, construction workers and suppliers. So an architect must be familiar with all these, how they work, what products they use and what quantity is required. Architect job description needs working closely with other groups and overseeing the project from its beginning till end.

Architect with all the necessary education must have a good imagination power and cognitive thinking. Working with cost and managing time is also one of the aspect that is taken care by an architect. Therefore architecture job description involves all these.

Work Activities of an Architect

  • Site selection for their clients.
  • Making drafts, layouts and designing the site plan and making scaled drawings of the project.
  • Devising 3 dimensional designs wherever necessary.
  • Consulting rest of the professionals for the viability of the design.
  • Using computer softwares like Auto Cad and SketchUp for perfect and quick designing.
  • Checking the design for available budget and time.
  • Working with contractors and construction workers.
  • Checking the project from its beginning till end so that it meets all the specifications of design, quality and client’s need.
  • Resolving all the problem that occur while constructing the building.

All these activities are included in the job description for architects. So the architecture job description will include everything related to this. Also the professional architect must have in depth knowledge of building and construction, designing, engineering and technology, mathematics, computers, time management and administration, public relation, public safety and security & law and government. Also a person in the architect job should have a good listening skills along with rational & cognitive thinking, problem solving capability, coordination tendency with good writing, speaking and operation analysis skills. Check the various employment agencies for the architecture jobs in India and abroad.