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FAP Turbo Flaws – How Can You Compensate For This Forex Robot’s Trading Flaws?

FAP Turbo Flaws – How Can You Compensate For This Forex Robot’s Trading Flaws?

FAP Turbo has been enjoying a well-deserved reputation for consistent successful trading over this past year or so. Most traders have appreciated the new software that has brought so much change to the Forex trading market. But, some complain that the FAP Turbo actually has a few flaws. How can you compensate for these flaws?

Perhaps the most frustrating flaw reported is that the FAP Turbo doesn’t perform as well in long term trading as it does in short term trades. Experienced traders have noticed that the pip spreads are an issue, because the spreads apparently work well with the short term scalping trades, but not so well if used for the long term.

The actual reasons for the reports about pip spreads have to do with the FAP’s scalper mode. It has a very small take profit ranging from 6 to 15 pips, and therefore quite sensitive to spread size. If you are using an excellent broker, this will not be a problem for your profits. But some brokers unfortunately use a larger than normal spread size, which is difficult for the FAP to trade. It may even shut down. For some traders, this is also frustrating, because they expect it to work all the time under all circumstances. You should check with your broker concerning spread size, and this will give you more information about how your FAP will tend to trade.

For pip spreads, you might consider doing your own research on one of many online Forex forums. There are many free ones available, or you might consider joining a membership version. Most Forum posts related to pip spreads for the FAP have at least several suggestions from traders who are tweaking the FAP to compensate for the long term trading problems suggested above. You will need to consider whether or not you make use of any of these solutions, because they are varied and based upon the diverse experiences of the traders who are trying them.

One thing to consider about the long term trading mode is that the FAP doesn’t really like to trade in risky market conditions. This is part of its programming, and some traders are very disappointed to discover this behavior. One experienced solution is to run your FAP in both short and long term modes concurrently to increase its daily trading while preserving its programming that protects your account safety. This seems like a wise move.

Using the FAP’s default settings regardless of results is one other choice for many traders. They believe that the continuous small profits resulting from the FAP’s trading are generous enough over time that it is unnecessary to do any tweaking at all. They simply choose the short term trading strategy over the long-term strategy and let the FAP do its job.