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Forex Magadroid – Top Reasons You Will Like and Dislike Forex Magadroid

Forex Magadroid – Top Reasons You Will Like and Dislike Forex Magadroid

You have heard about all the profitable trading opportunities that the bombing on the foreign exchange markets. You have also heard off the highly volatile trading conditions that require split-second decision-making and the high risk that requires constant vigilance. What would you say if I were to offer you the services of a technically competent assistant to trade on your behalf 24/7? This assistant would not sleep or tire and, what is more, would carry in its memory years of market data that enables it to make short-term focus with a high degree of accuracy. Welcome to Forex Magadroid, the Forex robot that has been built on an artificial intelligence platform.

How Forex Magadroid plans strategy: many forex robots are built to suit specific market conditions and outlived their usefulness when market conditions change. The creators of Forex Magadroid claim that their robot is flexible and intelligent enough to adapt to changing market conditions, and so far the claim has been borne out.

You would like Forex Magadroid for the following reasons:

– Reliability and consistency: testing with years of historical data has thrown up an impressive performance. Forward testing also has been equally impressive. All this seems to suggest that the robot is both reliable and consistent.

– Stealth mode: it is a sad fact that brokers will sometimes manipulate price and other data to the detriment of the customer. Forex Magadroid has the unusual feature of hiding from the broker the fact that you are using a forex robot. The broker will not get to know your take profit or stop loss limits, and thus will not be able to manipulate positions to his advantage.

– Accurate forecast: the artificial intelligence programming combined a proprietary methodology called “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis” (RCTPA) enables the robot to make accurate forecasts on market trends for the next two to four hours.

You will dislike Forex Magadroid for the following reasons:

– You will not get-rich-quick or become a millionaire overnight. Forex Magadroid is a conservative trader, and does not trade aggressively or in a flurry of deals. However the robot is perfectly suited to a patient, long-term trading stance and this is key to success long-term.

– Forex Magadroid trades only in the Euro/USD currency pair. However, this pair accounts for a significant percentage of trading volume and it is possible to forecast short term trends with some precision.

– Money back guarantee: there is no risk in purchasing the robot since it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. During this period you are free to test the product in any way you’d like. If you are not satisfied with the performance for any reason whatsoever, you are free to return it without explanation, and get a refund of your purchase price