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HP OMEN X 900-150qd Review: A Look at This Unique Gaming PC, Its Cube Design, and Features

HP OMEN X 900-150qd Review: A Look at This Unique Gaming PC, Its Cube Design, and Features

One of the newest gaming PCs on the market, the HP OMEN X 900-150qd comes in a unique, easily upgradable custom chassis. It could be said that this is one of the boldest designs of the past couple of years. The cube case, designed with galvanized steel, is angled for easy access. Its spacious interior features chambers for easy hardware replacement and installation.

With a standard desktop, you would have to carefully lie the tower down on the side, or crawl up next to it on the floor in order to unscrew and remove the side panel. This isn’t the case with the Omen X. The side cover simply pops off, and everything is at a 45-degree angle providing an easy reach.

The chassis construction and design adheres to all industry standards. It supports micro-ATX motherboard builds, allowing you to upgrade with any aftermarket components.

The tri-chamber design also helps keep all of the components from overheating, as all of the hot parts are kept inside of their own thermal zones. The vents are top-mounted angled to keep everything running cool. Liquid cooling is also an option if you want additional cooling technology.

HP OMEN X 900-150qd Specifications

Starter specs for the 900-150qd are as follows:

• Intel Core Processor: 6th generation i7 6800K

• Graphics/Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX (HPI – 1070)

• Memory: 8GB SDRAM (DDR4-2133 )

• Hard drive: 1TB SATA (7200 RPM) / 128GB SSD

• Networking: 802.11 (2×2) / Bluetooth 4.0 M.2 (combo)

• Optical drive: SuperMulti DVD burner w/ optional Blu-Ray

• Software: DIB SW Roxia Secure Burn

• Operating System: Windows 10 Home (Pro is an option)

• Power: 150-W AC adapter

Many of these, including the hard drive, memory and processor, can be upgraded or expanded if you require additional power and speed. AMD Radeon R9 Fury X is also an option for graphics. There is enough room for TWO graphics cards in the main compartment. The power supply is kept in its own zone, away from the components.

This isn’t the smallest desktop on the market, as it weighs in at 62.17-lbs and has dimensions of 24.21 x 7.48 x 17.98 in inches (WxDxH), so make sure you have room for it in your bedroom or entertainment den!

Virtual reality (especially Oculus) performs well with the computer. It helps that there are several USB ports for a VR headset and accessories. The Bang & Olufsen audio technology is capable of delivering excellent sound quality in games and other multimedia.

If desk space and money are not an issue, the HP OMEN X 900-150qd is a must-have gaming PC!

If money is an issue, don’t worry! There are HP OMEN X 900-150qd coupon offers available. There are always great cyber deals when it comes to HP computers. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.