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I Need Help In Math Class, I Am Having Trouble Memorizing All These Formulas, Help Me

I Need Help In Math Class, I Am Having Trouble Memorizing All These Formulas, Help Me

Okay so, it happens every year, so many students have allowed themselves to get behind in math class, and they just cannot get the help they need fast enough to catch back up, as the class marches on. Then the next thing they know the final exam day is upon them and the crack. Please don’t fall apart, and no mathematics is not one of the subjects that I recommend cramming for or staying up all night to pass the final because it requires too much concentration, accuracy, and logic – right side brain thinking.

Cramming for tests and packing information into a short-term memory is not as strong as committing the information to you long-term memory. And you really should be committing the formulas for the various types of math problems to long-term memory. You can commit long-term information fairly easily, and the practice I like to do is to write down the information I learn.

You see when learning a new language of that particular type of science, or math, there are many ways to imprint it into your memory. First, just like memorizing someone’s name, or a medical-biology term you must learn how to spell it, pronounce it, and write it. And then review it one day later, then two days later, then four days later, then eight days later, then 16 days later, and then at the end of the month, and then at the end of two months, four months, six months.

You will find if you do this you can remember almost anything automatically on cue, and it will have imprinted into your brain so hard, that you may never be able to forget it, even if you choose to one day. Think of all those formulas and equations just as you would words or names. The human brain is set up to learn this way and you should do it.

Oh, and one last word of advice for this math class predicament that you find yourself in today. The strongest and most incredible tool that you have in your mind is that of “will” and “perseverance” because if you have the will to learn, and you really enjoy your math and you work hard, you will get there, so be thinking positive on all of this.

You see, your mind is so powerful, it almost seems as if you can will events occur in your favor, and if you have the perseverance and determination, you will work hard until those goals and dreams come to fruition. There is nothing that can stop the human mind which is set on accomplishing or achieving a specific task. It doesn’t matter if it is studying in school, winning in sports, achieving in your career, or having the best family.

Continued Success in your Math Class, indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. You, have a great day – it’s required!