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Mobile App Development Becoming The Essence Of Any Business

Mobile App Development Becoming The Essence Of Any Business

The Mobile App Development seems to be the necessity of any small scale or large scale business. There are various platforms available for this and the top contenders include- iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

Apple iOS: To develop an iPhone app, the iOS Developer Center provides the app developer with various tools, guidelines, debugging tests, and criteria for developing apps based on the user requirements.

Android: On an Android platform, a developer can build an app using Java by downloading the free SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK has sample apps, source code, the developer tools, and emulators. It also provides technical articles, videos, and instructions to help develop apps. There is an initial developer registration charge of $25 so as to distribute the apps in Google Play, the Android app store.

BlackBerry: BlackBerry is yet another mobile platform which supports several apps, mobile websites, widgets, themes, etc. To provide these on BlackBerry’s App World, a fee is charged for every 10 apps that a developer submits.

Windows: Windows platform has not gained as much popularity when compared to its counterparts but the user interface makes it unique. The development program for the Windows platform provides the best practices documentation for marketing an app.

Here’s a list of some of the best app building tools

AppMakr – This is an iOS, Android, and Windows based tool which offers a browser-based platform that is easy to use. It provides features like- JavaScript, custom CSS and push notifications, and location- aware Geo RSS. Even though the tool is free by paying a monthly subscription of $79 the developer can access much more advanced features.

Mippin – This can be considered as one of most user friendly tool which allows in building apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. The tool also helps the developer to publish apps in iTunes, Windows, Google Play, and Amazon stores.

MyAppBuilder – The tool is exclusively used to create apps for Android and iOS platforms. The tool comes with a monthly fee of $29 and lets the developer submit two applications a month. One of the best part of the tool is the developer does not require a technical background.

RunRev – The RunRev’s LiveCode helps in developing apps for iPhone and Android. This is multi-platform tool, which can help in creating live prototypes and utilize the complete features of the iOS and Android OS. The RunRev’s site also offers with exceptional tutorials that help in building apps. The tool is available in the market with price ranging from $299 to $1,499.