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Virtual Horses and Free Horse Games Can Help Predict the Belmont and Beyond!

Virtual Horses and Free Horse Games Can Help Predict the Belmont and Beyond!

Do you have your suspicions about how Ice Box may hold up in the middle 6 post against Fly Down and Drosselmeyer? Then maybe a free horse game simulation will help clear up the picture. The amazing thing about today’s technology as demonstrated succinctly by Horse Race Fantasy Game, is that virtual horses can give us a physical representation of all the numbers, the statistics, the quirks and riding habits of over 4,000 champion horses.

If you don’t have the time to sift through all the free horse games out there, or waste your time testing a bunch if amateur horse racing games, consider the Belmont Stakes your chance to test one single game for its world class accuracy and playability. Horse Race Fantasy Game is the echelon of horse racing games because of its high-tech simulation, and painstaking attention to detail. Many horse racing enthusiasts are saddling up their virtual horses to compete in both paying and free horse race games to see just exactly where their favorite thoroughbred really stands before actual post time.

Horse Racing Games, like other fantasy sports, are not only a great venue to race real Belmont contenders, the tracks, stables, trainers and weather all factor in to create a customized experience. Even real jockeys who’ll be competing in the Belmont Stakes such as Ramon Dominguez on First Dude, or Martin Garcia on Game on Dude, can be tested and compared in way that only the virtual world can offer. The convenience of beating up on virtual horses can give players a much better feel for the actual sport than watching real races!

The other advantage to using fantasy horse games is that communities of real people with money and time invested in their virtual horse will provide valuable insights, competition, and education in a way that only a communal forum can. When people come together in horse racing games, suddenly they are racing their common interests and investments against each other. It’s often so tight a pool of accurate competition, that it leaves the real thing needing improvements!

In the simulated world, you can race virtual horses over and over. You can even simulate the same race again and again at real race tracks throughout the world. As far as the Belmont Stakes in 2010 there is no doubt that this field of horses leaves many questions to be pondered before post time. For example, since Calvin Borel is starting from his preferred inside post like he prefers it. Does Borel combined with Dave in Dixie have enough to complete his Career Triple Crown? Does Martin Garcia have enough juice with Game On Dude to bring Bob Baffert his first Belmont win since 2001? What about the actual track? Which horse is most likely to handle the lengthy New York terrain at 12 furlongs?

June 5th will be the day that all the answers will come together, but you’ve got the itch to know beforehand, why not test out these virtual horses with free horse games such as Horse Race Fantasy Game? In today’s era, there’s no such thing as having too many races. People from all over the world can appreciate the ability to syndicate virtual horse racing games before watching the real thing, they are often surprised watching the statistics play out in front of them, just as the real sport of horse racing is massively popular and hugely underrated, the many free horse games available to choose from have made racing online a sport within itself.