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Adjusting The Data To Fit Climate Modeling Is Not Science – It’s Fraud

Adjusting The Data To Fit Climate Modeling Is Not Science – It’s Fraud

Most folks actually believe that humankind’s CO2 emissions are killing our planet, causing catastrophic warming. That is just complete and utter nonsense, but it is typical of humans to view their importance on the planet in such a way – a real denial of reality. Climate Skeptics are not crazy, they rightfully question the science behind the curtain. Science does not rely on consensus. If one person, say Copernicus believes the Earth is Round and everyone else including the Catholic Church says it’s flat, it doesn’t matter – if it round, it is round.

There was an interesting article in Reason Magazine titled; “Climate Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data to Fool Politicians and Public, Claims Whistleblower – Another update on the ‘settled science’ of climate change,” by Ronald Bailey, February 6, 2017.

Apparently, a climate scientist at the NOAA was told to dump data from Buoys for old data collected by ships and recorded. Basically they dumped the very precise data from the buoys which measures the water temp at the same height, opposed to ship collected data where someone throws a rope over the side and a thermometer. Why? They NOAA wanted data showing a sharp increase in temperatures, which just wasn’t present, the buoys showed a lowering of ocean (near surface temperatures) or a pause in climate warming of our oceans.

Why would the NOAA instruct their scientists to use less trustworthy data? Because there was a congressional hearing coming up and the resulting research paper was going to be brought to the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) conference. The paper was rushed forward at the last minute, without time for peer review, they claimed, but they certainly could have had peer review in a couple of days if they’d asked prominent scientists to read the paper and comment on the methods used for the statistical data.

As a founder of a Think Tank that happens to operate online, this concerns me very much, and I am ‘deeply troubled’ by the hijacking of science, especially on climate science which is being used to curb capitalism and bring in a global elite socialist mindset to regulating nations’ entire energy sectors, economies, and political focus. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve seen this. Other scandals include the “hockey stick” chart put forth by Jim Hansen of NASA and set off an entire chain reaction pushed forth by Al Gore. Then there was the ‘97% of scientists agree’ motif, where no one asked what question the scientists agreed to. The questions were:

(1) Does Our Climate Change?
(2) Is Our Climate Warming?
(3) Does Human Emissions of CO2 Have Any Effect On Warming?

Well, even a skeptic of Global Warming Theory, defined as: Mankind’s emissions of CO2 is causing catastrophic warming — would agree to those three questions above. On the first question; of course our climate changes, it’s been changing for 4-Billion years. (2) Is our climate warming: yes, we ‘appear’ too be in a long-term warming trend. (3) Yes, anytime you add something to a finite system it will affect that system, even if it is 0.05%. Still, at such a small percentage it is ludicrous to upend economies, cause strife to humanity and decrease the standard of living and quality of life of 7.7 Billion people on Planet Earth.

The climate change fraud and the media obscures the insanity of the climate change fraud, and this scheme is something right out of the Club of Rome playbook. How stupid are out leaders to allow these socialist global elitists to control the United States of America in this way? Maybe something needs to be done to stop this nonsense, maybe now is a good time? Think on this.