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Advantages and Disvantages of the Mix: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Advantages and Disvantages of the Mix: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence, an explosive combination.

While it is true that we do not consider it risky to use the Internet of Things for the purposes of affecting Privacy, it is not the same for us when we think on the connection between the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Perhaps we are influenced by the way in which the film industry has used the man-machine relationship looking for attractive arguments and scripts of action, science fiction, etc. Examples abound in films such as:

• Terminator Saga

• Matrix Saga

• I Robot

• Ex-Machina

• RoboCop Saga

• Bicentennial Man

• Artificial Intelligence

And many others, in which the common place is the Intelligent machine rebelled against the man who created it and whom it intends to exterminate to give rise to the Machine Age. It is obvious that it is an attractive subject, for Screenplays, but something manipulative to keep the viewer in a situation of alertness and suspense.

From the point of view of the concept of intelligence, artificial or not, there are a series of definitions that include the ability of reasoning, choice, adaptation to the medium, interpretation of the sense figurative, etc. But all the definitions include a pair of terms that, for us, are the critical element of intelligence and they are learning ability and memory.

Software as a decisive element.

If we consider the capabilities of information storage, speed in decision making as a result of a mathematical exercise called algorithm, the ability to communicate with the source of knowledge which man has digitized and advances in robotics, we can assume that the only limitation to self-determination would be software that unites all these elements.

Today, the science has achieved get devices that are capable of compete and overcome to the man in “its own territory”. For example, capacity biological all the superior beings, consisting of the existence of the 5 senses: touch, hearing, smell, vision and taste, has been able to be matched and surpassed by technology and inventiveness of the human being.

The capacity of Reproduction, one of the wonders of living beings, is reduced, for a machine that wants to “reproduce”, to a Workshop with some pieces and the appropriate tools.

We have as an advantage, only the capacity of reasoning that allows our brain to humans, but as a disadvantage, very large indeed, the existence of physical pain and, above all, the sentimental, of which the machine is exempt.

To what extent with existing tools, Software developers were successful in that a machine is capable of “thinking, reasoning and learning”, controlling at the same time the emergence of “evil thoughts” such as envy, jealousy, greed, and, above all, the lust for power?

If Humanity has not managed to get rid of those “bad thoughts” itself, how to get the software developer not, consciously or unconsciously; transmit those “feelings” to the machines?

The answer to these questions will decide the direction in which the man take the development and linking of the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence.