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Bots – An Important Part of Our AI-Powered Future

Bots – An Important Part of Our AI-Powered Future

Back in 2001, we were smitten by the cult-film A.I. Artificial Intelligence. It was an extremely futuristic movie, one that involves a young boy named David, who is a per-programmed robot. Despite being a robot, David seeks for mother’s love and eventually falls in love with Monica, who he considers his mother. The robots are more humane than actual humans in this film, which leaves us questioning the difference between our programming and theirs. So deep and emotional is the movie that we can’t help but empathize with the humanoid, David, who struggles to find a room in Monica’s heart. AI was a concept which was still nascent at that stage. But, today, it is a growing phenomena.

AI is in your everyday life

An AI-powered bot can take on several human skills. As for the companies, it is an economical alternative to hiring humans. As a result, companies are embracing bots to resolve their customer queries. By adding new cognitive abilities, chat-bot development companies are coming up with responsive bots. Today, there is a bot to suit all your purposes. For instance, if you want help for your finance management, there is a personal finance bot to manage your money. If you want to know the weather forecast, there is a weather bot for that too. This apart, there are chat-bots for cab services, news, grocery, and many more. Brands are tapping on bot efficiencies and developing their own to engage customers.

Bot development is easier than you think

The first question which might strike you when you think of bot development is – ‘If I want to build a bot for my company, do I need to hire an expert?’ The answer is ‘no.’ You will just have to figure out why you need the bot, select your platform on which your bot will be integrated (Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.), design a bot conversation and set up a server to run your chat-bot from. If you are running short of finances to hire an in-house bot development team, you can opt for chat-bot development outsourcing services, offered by third-party agencies. These agencies appoint chat-bot development experts. Therefore, you can be rest assured about the quality of their services.

Your bot is your branding frontier

It’s not enough to simply launch a bot. You must know how to brand it as well. For this, you need to be particular about factors such as personality, tone and design. Do not build an ‘all-inclusive’ bot. Instead, focus on features which would fulfill your business objectives. For instance, give your bot a unique name. This way, your customers can simply run a quick search to connect to your brand. Make your bot conversational. This gives your customers the feeling of texting a friend. The more you encourage your customers to have a one-on-one intimate conversation with your bot, the more popular will be your brand. Since a bot design is a reflection of your brand, make sure your bot has an attractive logo and a unique user interface. Make your bot sound smart by using short and crisp sentences. This way your customers will come back to you for further assistance. And finally, integrate your bot with a platform, where you customers are mostly present, for example, Slack, Skype, Messenger, etc.,

When I was a young kid and watched films like A.I. Artificial Intelligence, little did I think that bots will bring such revolutionary changes in the business sector one day. Turns out, I didn’t quite understand its huge potentials. Today, I am amazed to find out its endless prospects and what it can do to businesses.

People, meet AI bots!