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Different Types of Engineering

Different Types of Engineering

There are so many types of engineering today. It is indeed a tough task for students to choose one from so many options. A student should choose one according to his personal interests and hobbies. Doing so will definitely gives him/her an edge over others.

The list below, gives you an overview on different types of Engineering. Choose one which interests you most:

1- Aerospace engineering – Do you love making things fly? If so, then you must pursue Aerospace Engineering. It involves all the work related to designing and construction of aircraft and spacecraft. It gives you detailed knowledge about various aspects of aircraft designing.

2- Agricultural Engineering – As the name suggests, it teaches you about various technologies and sciences used in production and processing of agriculture. It gives you thorough knowledge about various aspects of food production processing, preservation and marketing.

3- Biomedical Engineering – If you are interested in exploring life science and medicines, then this field is for you. Biomedical engineering is primarily concerned with Living systems. It’s a systematic approach to developing and exploring medicine, biology and healthcare field.

4- Chemical Engineering – This branch of Engineering Degree involves in various aspects of transforming raw material and chemicals, either physically or chemically, into more valuable and useful products which are going to be used by us in our everyday life. 

5- Electrical Engineering – It is one of the most dynamic and diverse branch of Engineering discipline. It is considered as mathematically oriented application as it covers various aspects of electric components, circuits and electric signals. It involves designing and developing technologies and incorporates them into electric devices and systems.

6- Computer Engineering – If you are tech-savvy person and spend liking most of your time at you PC and want to explore everything about computers from hardware to software, from programming to designing, then you must do Computer Engineering as  this field is all about developing and designing various components and hardware products and incorporate then into computers. It teaches you about the various computer technologies.

7- Mechanical Engineering – This is one of the most popular degrees amongst students. This field deals with analyzing, designing and maintaining mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.