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Homeschool Biology Courses

Homeschool Biology Courses

Teaching biology to your homeschool student can be a lot of fun; however, some parents do not enjoy the subject and the upper grades can be a bit more challenging. If you are the latter, there are many good options for teaching your child homeschool biology.

Drawbacks and benefits of a computer-based biology course


No planning involved and easy for the busy/working parent.

Most are self-grading.

Usually includes a visually-appealing multimedia component.

Self-directed and gives the student a sense of autonomy.


If many textbook selections are included in the course, it can be a bit tedious reading from the computer screen.

May not be a good choice for a kinesthetic learner or a child with a lot of energy. However, an easy way to remedy this would be by combining it with a nature study program, which would get your active learner out of the house for some fresh air and observation.

A sampling of biology course options: (Biology course are usually only available at the high school level and the elementary grade biology is included in more general science classes).

Switched On Schoolhouse: This program is on cd-roms and involves a combination of on- and off-computer assignments including experiments. Grades 3-9 observe each area of science on an individual survey basis, usually unit by unit. Grades 10-12 focus on specific areas of science: Life Science (Plants and Animals, Human Anatomy and Personal Care, Biology), Space and Earth Science (Geology, Weather, Space), Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics), Nature of Science (Scientific Method, Experimentation, Technology).

E-Tutor [http://www.e-tutor.com:]: This program offers independent and guided programs (with the guided program, they assign the student a certified tutor). Single courses are available.

K12: K12 offers a public school option (free in some states) and a private school option. They use a mix of internet courses and traditional textbook courses. It is a rigorous program but they offer many options to the homeschooler, including individual highschool courses. K12 is a well-done high-quality program, but is not for parents who prefer a more gentle Charlotte Mason type method.

Keystone Highschool: Keystone Highschool offers a full highschool program as well as individual courses. Their curriculum is more in line with a traditional public school.