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Know All About the IT Sector of Bangalore AKA Silicon Valley of India

Know All About the IT Sector of Bangalore AKA Silicon Valley of India

Once known for its lush farmlands, Bangalore has become the haven to IT giants, which are employing professionals from every nook & corner of the world. The IT revolution took place when in 1970, the state government demarcated the major part of the land outside the city to set up the Electronics City. However, those were preliberalization days and taxes were also high. The sector got a boost when an Indian company, Infosys was set up in 1981, and at the same time, IBM also unveiled its personal computer. However, the complete scenario of the IT scenario got changed when Texas Instruments opened its facility in the city, and the software export sector also increased manifold. As per the report of the industry body Assocham, the IT sector had reported the highest IT jobs creation in Bangalore in 2013.

Electronics City

Situated in the southern outskirts of Bangalore, Electronics City is an industrial park which is sprawled over 330 acres. Established in 1978. there are various prominent companies which are established in the cluster. 3M, Hewlett Packard and Siemens are the major clients in this city. Also, Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in the Electronics City.


Home to the International Tech Park Bangalore, the Whitefield cluster was the result of the joint venture between Singapore and India in 1994. It is a large facility, where 8 buildings are situated- Discoverer, Innovator, Creator, Explorer, Inventor, Navigator and Voyager along with the building of a TCS. Whitefield is providing campus facilities to SAP, iGATE, GM, GE, Aviva, Shell, Symphony Teleca Corp and Tangoe. Flowserve, a 100% subsidiary of Flowserve Corp has its Manufacturing Plant and R&D center situated in the region. The presence of esteemed names in the sector has produced a good number of IT jobs in Bangalore.

The Bellandur – Marathahalli – Outer Ring Road cluster has following companies, where there is no dearth of good IT jobs in Bangalore:

  1. Deloitte
  2. Accenture
  3. Intel
  4. Aricent
  5. Symbol
  6. Cadence
  7. Cisco
  8. EMC Corporation
  9. Nokia
  10. National Instruments
  11. Honeywell
  12. ARM Cummins
  13. JP MorganChase
  14. Oracle
  15. Logica CMG
  16. Business Objects
  17. Freescale Semiconductors
  18. Capgemini
  19. Sony
  20. i2 Technologies.

The Inner Ring Road cluster houses below companies:

  1. Dell
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM
  4. Yahoo
  5. NetApp
  6. McAfee
  7. Bearing Point
  8. Fidelity
  9. ANZ
  10. LG
  11. CSC
  12. Synergy
  13. PSI Data
  14. Target
  15. Misys
  16. Dendrite
  17. Sasken
  18. BPL Sanyo
  19. OpenSilicon
  20. Xora
  21. Lenovo
  22. Apostek

Situated in C.V Raman Nagar, the Bagmane Tech Park houses below companies:

  1. Oracle Corporation
  2. Motorola
  3. Texas Instruments
  4. Samsung
  5. Novell
  6. Dell
  7. SanDisk
  8. Cognizant
  9. Volvo

Manyata Technology Park is the special economic zone where many multinational companies have opened their offices. It includes companies like Cognizant Technology, Nokia Siemens, IBM, Philips and Samsung.

The IT development is contributing a major part in the economy of the city, making it an ideal destination to invest. The generation of a good number of IT jobs in Bangalore is due to the fact that companies here enjoy a big cost advantage- an English speaking population and a highly educated workforce that is available at a much cheaper price as compared to the developed nations. The bulk hiring has become a common trend and companies are hiring millions of workers. The IT sector now produces around 2 lakh IT jobs in Bangalore, offering employment to more than 10 million people. With over 500 companies are offering back office and outsourcing services, the IT sector here is generating over $17 billion revenue in one year. According to the latest annual ranking by the consulting firm Tholons, Bangalore is the most attractive IT/ITes outsourcing destination in the world.


By working in the IT sector, you can earn good salary packages along with extra perks. As most of the big domestic and international companies are situated in the city, and to entice impeccable talent, they are offering affluent salary packages along with exciting perks. To get a clear idea, we will take into account common IT job profiles present in Bangalore. As the Senior Software Engineer, you can earn Rs 713,236 per annum, whereas as the Software Developer, your package could be Rs 392,270 per annum. The position of a Senior Technical Consultant would help you in fetching Rs 1,025,889 per annum. The position of an SAP consultant would earn Rs 605,217 per annum.