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Pastor – How Do You Handle Another Pastor Doing Greater Works – Are You Jealous?

Pastor – How Do You Handle Another Pastor Doing Greater Works – Are You Jealous?

I was thinking about people and how changeable they are. One minute you seem to receive love and affection from someone and the next time you meet them, you don’t even recognize it’s the same person. Have you ever wondered when you can’t think of one thing that you could have done or said to cause a wedge between you, but somehow in the atmosphere and in the spirit realm, you can feel it? Some feelings transferred are so thick; it feels like you could cut them with a knife.

In the book of Samuel, chapter 18, young David went before Goliath a giant and champion from the Philistine ranks, which challenged Israel, and in essence challenged God. But God sent young David to defeat him. King Saul ruled Israel at the time and approved of David fighting the giant. God gave David favor; he valiantly killed Goliath and as he was returning home from the slaughter something very typical to our time happened. Women came out from all the towns along the way and joined in on the celebration of victory by cheering, singing and dancing with joy.

The lyrics from their songs zeroed in on the truth by confessing that King Saul had ‘slain his thousands and David his ten thousands.’ Well, let’s see, those words place a young, unknown man above a literal king ten to one. Were these women trying to dig up trouble? No. These women were rejoicing in a wonderful defeat, victorious win and singing about truth. What could be so wrong with that?

King Saul reacted to the song and was very angry. He kept an eye on David and began to concentrate or watch him from that day forward. Actually by the next day things got worse and an evil spirit from God came upon Saul, overwhelmed him and he began to rave like a madman. David tried to soothe him by playing the harp whenever the evil spirit would manifest through Saul. At times the music would seem to help calm Saul’s spirit, but eventually he would attempt to kill David.

Why would anyone react so violently to mere words? After all, isn’t it expected that when people do great things they should be rewarded with honor and thanks, even praise? Listen, when someone around us is receiving something that we believe belongs to us; we are confronted with a choice. We have at that moment an opportunity to look deep into our own heart and witness what’s there. Except for one great problem; envy is a spirit which remains hidden in the hearts of most humans.

Who was actually greater, King Saul or David? Well, Saul was king, not David. Saul found his identity in his accomplishments and successes. Saul’s reward in life was hearing people rave about how wonderful he was. David found his God as his reward; his joy came from serving not receiving. He enjoyed singing to God and playing his harp to soothe the nerves of those who were tormented. David’s music was laced with the Spirit of God and when he played, demon spirits had to leave, because they could not remain in the presence of God’s Spirit.

In verse 11 the Bible tells that the spirit of jealousy uses those who receive it. It’s a lethal demon whose main purpose is to kill, and destroy lives. King Saul was so motivated by this spirit that he cast a javelin at David intending to kill him, but David jumped aside. Interesting the Bible says Saul was afraid of him and jealous.

How and why do fear and jealousy mix? When someone identifies that you carry the presence of God on you, even though in their mind they know it came from God, and it’s for a purpose, they may fight it. Everyone has a choice to either praise God that he’s anointed others and given them certain talents and gifts, or they can choose to hate them for it. The reason they also fear you is because the presence of God in your life, in their opinion, makes them ‘feel’ less than you and so they seem to position you above them yet they are smart enough to know you did nothing to earn this, it’s a gift.

When Saul heard the praise of the women more so for David and less for himself, in his mind he knew he had the authority to do something, in the natural realm, to bring the attention on David down to a lower level. He did this by banning him from his presence and by demoting him to the rank of captain. Yet, it backfired on Saul. When David was demoted, God elevated him in the public eye that much more. How did God do this? He watched David’s attitude when Saul kept persecuting him. And in verse 15 it say’s and David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the Lord was with him. In other words, the more Saul persecuted him the more God rewarded him and the more the people loved him.

I looked further into this to see why the people loved David so much. David was humble and he thought nothing of going out and coming in among the people. He didn’t consider himself higher or more important than the average person. The Bible warns us to not esteem ourselves higher than we ought.

As we look around there will always be someone greater than we are in some fashion. They will either be better looking, or more educated, have a better position, larger ministry, more popular, better orator, and more possessions. But one thing’s interesting about God. He has a habit of choosing leaders who have obvious weaknesses which stand out to others, as well as us.

Remember Paul and his thorn in the flesh? Oh, how he hated this, some physical weakness, it appeared to be some defect around his eyes, that he felt took away, or detracted from his looks perhaps. He was concerned that people might reject him, not think of him as equal to themselves. The truth was this, most people who truly knew Paul, knew he was so gifted and chosen of God that they would have been tempted to really have a greater problem with all of Paul’s gifts, talents and favor, had they not been able to zero in on his weakness, with their own eyes. They secretly used this malady to keep from hating him for all that God had bestowed and allowed to come his way.

Interesting, what we sometimes think and pray to God to please remove from us, is the one thing he’s using that’s actually working in our benefit, for our good. It’s not fun to be hated, especially when you’ve done nothing, like David, to deserve it. Hatred comes directly from a jealousy spirit.

Pastor, have you looked at someone and wondered perhaps why God blessed them with an easier road than yours, or a greater ministry or gifts than you have? Truthfully, you really don’t know the price they pay to carry those talents for the Lord and his purpose in allowing the difference between you and them.. We have to trust that God knows exactly what he’s doing. Our purpose is not to look and judge these things, our purpose is to keep our eyes looking straight on and take only the part he gave us and run with it. That’s the only part we’ll be responsible for in the end.

Do we want to end up like David, or Saul? They were both sinners, but one refused the temptations of the jealous spirit and he ended well, while the other gave into it and it took him out. It’s our choice. God’s looking at attitude. Do you want to be promoted? Be truly happy for others when it appears they have something you don’t. Even pray for those that look like they have more than you, like Job did his friends, and watch God move favor into your arena, because he will.