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Tapping Into Bathroom Taps You Can Be Proud Of

Tapping Into Bathroom Taps You Can Be Proud Of

Let’s be honest, taps aren’t the most exciting things in the world. For the most part and for most of us they are merely everyday objects which we just use. You want them to work without compromise, and then after we’re done with them we move onto the more important things in life. This being said, what if I were to say that a simple kitchen or bathroom tap could add pizzazz to the room in question; and what if I were to go even further and say a tap could even be the centre of attention. Am I crazy? I certainly am not, and I’m about to prove it to you. The truth is this; taps create impressions.

Tap Talking Point 1: The Expense

For some reason a lot of people are very impressed with expensive objects and because of this phenomenon you can use it to your advantage. There are some taps which retail for over $1000 USD’s. Make sure the tap is worth at least a little portion of what you paid for it, otherwise your bragging capabilities could suddenly be smothered when your visitor says you’ve been ripped off. Can you imagine purchasing a $1000 tap, having it installed for $200, excited to show it off to anybody that visits only to have them insult your poor buying intelligence. Use your head when you buy an expensive tap and you’ll create a talking point in your bathroom or kitchen, without the embarrassment included.

Some taps on the market today are gold plated and come encrusted with Swarovski crystals which would definitely add a wow factor in the right setting.

Tap Talking Point 2: The Design

If you haven’t done any research on the latest designs in taps you’ll be fascinated at what you find. There are taps which look like a vast array of different comment objects and animals including taps that look like swans, snakes, oriental fans, robotic arms, water slides, swords, flower vases, golf clubs, car gear boxes, stalactites hanging from the ceiling, Sony PlayStation controllers and even fossils.

There is one tap in particular which is hidden in the wall which pops out when the user taps the stainless steel plate which it hides behind. This type of tap is a brilliant example of what a minimalistic tap could add to a minimalistic bathroom. Any time a guest comes, you’ll be waiting in anticipation as they come back from the bathroom, knowing they’re thinking about your tap; or better yet, they couldn’t even find the tap and you have to go show them where it is!

Some taps are long and cylindrical which act as both towel rails and taps.

Tap Talking Point 2: The Functionality

A good example of a tap with fantastic functionality is a tap which also filters the water. On a kitchen tap this means the home owner can drink filtered water straight from their tap without the use of a water jug and filter. The water travels through a water filter which is installed beneath the sink. The filter cartridge on the Brita Francis Pegler tap for example can filter 500 litres of water before it has to be replaced and has a handy LED light to indicate when the filter cartridge needs to be changed. A filter tap like this could spark some great conversations and would definitely be a tap you would be proud of.