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The Contestants for Season 8 of Top Chef – Top Chef All Stars

The Contestants for Season 8 of Top Chef – Top Chef All Stars

Season 8 of the hit Bravo reality television series Top Chef is set to premier on December 1, 2010. This time around the contestants (or cheftestants as they are sometimes called) are familiar faces to the fans of the show. Season 8 of Top Chef is also being called Top Chef All Stars. Eighteen of the best chefs from the previous seven seasons of the show are returning to the kitchen to try and capture the title that eluded them the first time around – Top Chef.

The chefs who are returning for this all star competition are:

Season 1 runner up Tiffani Faison. Tom Colicchio said during the Season 7 reunion show that had Tiffani only done a single tasting menu in the finale she would have won the competition. Season 1 contestant Stephen Aspirino. Stephen might be best known for his other calling, that of Sommelier.

Season 2 finalist Elia Aboumrad. Elia was eliminated during the first part of the finale, but might be best remembered for shaving her head after a failed prank against another contestant. Season 2 runner up Marcel Vigneron. Marcel was the chef least liked by the other contestants. Will he play this role again in Season 8?

Season 3 runner up Casey Thompson. Casey was probably the strongest chef heading into the finale in Aspen but had a few stumbles during the final challenge. Season 3 runner up Dale Levitski. Dale started off slow during the season but caught on fire up to the finale. Season 3 contestant Tre Wilcox. Tre’s elimination after the Restaurant Wars challenge was probably the biggest upset in Top Chef history. It will be nice to see him bring his skills back to the kitchen to compete again.

Season 4 runner up Richard Blais. Richard was the odds on favorite to win the season but had some problems during the final challenge, having him admit during judges’ table that he froze. Season 4 finalist Antonia Lofaso. Antonia made it to the finale in Puerto Rico but was eliminated during the first part of the finale. Season 4 contestant Spke Mendelsoh. Spike kicked himself in the butt for using frozen scallops, a decision that led to his elimination just short of the finale. Season 4 contestant Dale Talde. Dale was eliminated after the Restaurant Wars challenge. His fiery personality will make the kitchen very interesting.

Season 5 finalist Carla Hall. Carla is the very likeable chef who brought fun and joy to the kitchen. Season 5 contestant Jamie Hall. Jamie fell short of the finale in New Orleans but was given a second chance with a quickfire challenge to make it back into the competition. She was unsuccessful that time, but is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. Season 5 contestant Fabio Viviano. Who doesn’t love this smooth talking Italian chef?

Season 6 contestant Mike Isabella. Mike made it pretty far in the competition, being eliminated in the 10th week of competition based on his vegetarian dish created for special guest actress Natalie Portman. Season 6 contestant Jennifer Carroll. Jennifer made it to the finale in Napa, California but was eliminated during the first part of the competition.

Season 7 contestant Tiffany Derry. Tiffany was a well liked chef eliminated just shy of the finale in Singapore. Season 7 contestant Angelo Sosa. Angelo was a runner up for the season and might very well have won the title of Top Chef had he not become seriously ill while in Singapore.

The all star season of Top Chef is going to be a very entertaining one for fans. There really are no weak chefs in this lineup so fans are going to see great cooking by some very talented individuals.