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The Smartest Information Security Trends That Are Ruling Today’s Technology-Driven World

The Smartest Information Security Trends That Are Ruling Today’s Technology-Driven World

The global IT industry, serving as a catalyst for change in different aspects of the modern business landscape, has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades and witnessed enough innovations in more sectors than one. However, it is also a harsh reality that the evolution in the field of IT has also led to burgeoning cyber risk, posing a serious threat to sensitive information and data from the consumers, businesses, and governments across the planet. Cyber criminals have become even more sophisticated, skilled and collaborative these days, which have only enhanced the severity, size, and complexity of cyber threats around the world. Although business organizations are investing and adopting new and unique solutions for information security, cyber criminals are developing even better techniques to dodge and outperform them.

To combat the cyber threats in today’s world, it has become much more than a mere necessity for enterprises to broaden their focus on risk management from information availability, integrity, and confidentiality to including threats such as those to goodwill, reputation and customer channels, and identify the inadvertent consequences from various activities in cyber space. Information security professionals and business organizations need to stay updated with the latest trends to ensure proper and efficient Information Security.

Below given are some of the hottest trends that are positively affecting the future of Information Security:

  • Being Proactive Rather than Reactive:

Apart from focusing on external attacks, it is critical for modern organizations to think outside of the box to minimize the chances of internal attacks. Insiders can equally be liable either because of malice or even due to lack of awareness. As companies are adopting cloud computing technology for more and more services, IT departments are having a tough time exercising the same level of control. There is also a potential risk of workers evading systems and security protocols in the operations. To get rid of such risks and threats, IT departments need to implement new and advanced solutions along with having complete visibility. Over and above all, it is more than just a mere obligation for organizations to scrutinize cloud service providers frequently so as to have crystal clear idea regarding where the crucial business data is stored as well as to ensure that the vendors meet the latest security standards. Simply put, a practical approach instead of being reactive has become the need of the hour.

  • Deliberate Solutions for Deliberate Cyber crime

Hacking and usage of malware along with spear phishing are getting increasingly popular among cyber criminals. Moreover, an entirely new form of cyber crime i.e. Ransomware is gradually taking over the cyber space nowadays, which is causing serious problems to the corporate world. Besides locking up the screens, ransomware can even encrypt files and sensitive business data as well as make them inaccessible until the victims pay a ransom.

Sophisticated cyber crime poses a serious threat to Information Security. For obvious reasons, it is imperative for top level authorities to implement effective solutions like real-time monitoring and security measures, state-of-the-art scanning systems, and adequate blocking facilities to ensure all round protection of confidential business data. Needless to say, keeping a backup is also crucial to avoid serious consequences.

  • Eradicating Problems Related to IoT and BOYD

The trend of IoT (Internet of Things) and BOYD (Bring your own device) is increasing in popularity among professionals across the planet because of the efficiency and convenience. But at the same time, it has its own share of disadvantages. The biggest security risks seem to have shifted towards the end-user level. For instance, if someone is using his personal laptop for work with no permanent office, how can it be determined that the authorized professional himself is using the device? There are chances that the device is being used by some other person. In most cases, it may appear that the laptop being used is of the authorized person but in actual, it might be not.

To deal with such issues, companies are focusing more on having limited and secure access, data encryption as well as blocking options to network and devices in place. Also, proper management of devices and password enforcement should be given high priority.

Summing it up, modern businesses need to be more flexible and resilient along with recognizing the latest trends and developing the potential to snub attacks on Information Security. Timely update of the operating systems, installing strong defenses along with providing comprehensive security awareness training to the employees can help determine and prevent attacks. In addition to this, keeping a backup of the data is imperative so that it can be restored quickly even if a cyber attack takes place.