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Top 10 Coding Languages Best Suits The Application Development

Top 10 Coding Languages Best Suits The Application Development

There are hordes of programming languages that are trending in the tech market today. Being in the software industry, it’s impossible to be an expert in all the coding languages in existence. Among the dozens of programming languages, the expertise developers are on par developing the projects with the top and in-demand programming languages that best suits the development strategies, cost affordability, and on-time delivery of the projects with quality assurance that makes each and every client 100% satisfied.

Here are some of the handpicked top 10 coding languages for the successful project delivery; Read this article and best pick among them that suits your needs.

  1. Asp.Net MVC
  2. C#
  3. Java
  4. JavaScript
  5. PHP
  6. jQuery
  7. Swift
  8. MySQL
  9. SQLite
  10. MS SQL Server


Dot net is one of the popular platform, that never shrinks from the software field. Usage of Asp.net MVC statistics are always increasing in the software field and many of the software organization sticks on with this trending language. It is flexible and many of the developers are well-versed in developing the high critical projects with ease and secret strategies.


C# seems to have a small increase in the popularity during every year, C sharp being a simple and modern programming language, has an ability to develop the software components that are suitable for deploying in different environments. Many organization uses C# for developing the cross-platform applications, which is booming now in the IT industry.


Java, it has been around for few decades, is still shining brightly among the programming languages. There are experts, who are capable of developing the applications using Java code for mobile applications like Android and also some organization uses Java for the testing purpose too. From the startup till now, Java does not show any sign of slowing down.


As we know JavaScript is one of the important languages in software development, which is also the best client-side scripting language with interactive functions. Software concerns use JavaScript and its framework Angular JS for the front-end development and Node JS for the back-end development. Implementing through this language shows the cost-effectiveness, usefulness, and compatibility with any browsers, easy to manage and develop the applications effectively.


PHP is the popular and most common server-side scripting language, Although PHP language has same features of other programming languages, many concerns are more convenient in developing their web services through PHP.


jQuery is one of the best JavaScript libraries, that expands the many of JavaScript’s animation and provides several interactive functions. It is compatible that this library works best with the responsive design, so many developers choose jQuery and implement them in several applications.


During the startup, many organizations are keen in developing the applications using Objective-C, later they discovered about the new releases of “Swift”. It is proven that when Swift combined with the MVP approach makes the mobile applications(iOS) more efficient and faster, So they made this sudden transition for the smarter application development.

8. MySQL

MySQL is one of the top in-demand relational database systems. Although there are other commercial database systems, the back-end experts feel MySQL is faster, reliable, safe and secure and moreover it is cheaper. So they are likely to continue with the same since they knew this is the best choice for managing any web application database

9. SQLite

SQLite is one of the open sources that are most widely deployed SQL database. This database is used for creating, storing and managing the mobile applications data. As nowadays, mobiles are widely used with more data, SQLite supports adequate features that are helpful for the mobile app developers to manage the database effectively and efficiently.


SQL is one of the interesting database languages that are always rising to the topmost. The majority of software industries uses Microsoft SQL server for the huge and valuable data management, which is more compromising and helps them to maintain the database effectively.

Rather than updating your technologies with every new release, it is best to update with the popular and useful languages that are helpful for your software development. So you can handpick any of these top in-demand coding languages that best fits your development standards.