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Segway Scooter in Need of New Innovations

Segway Scooter in Need of New Innovations

Segway Scooter in Need of New Innovations Upgrading because for all the hoopla it lacks the latest and greatest technological advances and it does not impress everyone. The Segway Team? Come on get with the latest technology will ya? Regarding this idea:


These guys are brilliant no doubt, but we could send them back to the drawing board instantly for limiting their ideas. Lets start with it’s most basic component, namely “The wheel” is an ancient component and if you want to build something revolutionary, build it without wheels and without touching the ground and without need for re-charging. It can be designed better. Here is how. Take Bruce DePalma’s perpetual motion machine to make the energy, thus by adding such a feature you would not need recharging and without the wheels you could move more weight faster with less energy. How you say? Well first off using hydro-cushioned technology like is used on hover craft. And think you are only wishing to move a human body which we are talking an average of 250 Lbs. To do this and keep the air underneath you put a small brush guard system under the device where you stand. Then blow 1-2 lbs. of low pressure air under it. Hardly any power needed to lift 250 Lbs or less. This will lift the thing off the ground.

So instead of wheels the thing is magic and hovers, way better and more state of the art too. Now put 18 small jets which move the air in the intended direction of travel up to the gyroscope or small circuit board which is a miniture laser ring gyro to keep it from falling over as you steer it by shifting your weight. When you turn by moving your body weight the devises jets move you from side to side while being simultaneously running by the gyro. The system will prevent you from tipping over like an F-16’s system which prevents the pilots from turning too many G’s so the plane does not depart from flight or the pilot black out. Now you have a hovering mobile with gyro, works exactly the same and does not need any fuel. Just like back to the future ehy? It physically works. I once met the guy who built the first hydro cushioned car, looked like a little fying sauser, he use to drive it around in Los Angeles on the 101 Freeway in the 1960s. He was paranoid because the establishment had come after him due to his mettling with big business and General Motors and the auto industry. I met him at Denny’s in Woodland Hills, CA in 1996. His technology is now moving 100,000 Lb. pallets with aircraft fuelalages on them during the production cycle in Everette WA. He also designed the hydro cushioned bullet train which was never built but was a project to travel people to Las vegas from Los Angeles on high speed rail, which would keep the trains from touching the ground. No friction means little lossed energy.

Someone should challenge the Segway Team to further innovate and not cut the consumers short. The unit should continue the technological trend to be the best, quite frankly it is not good enough yet and that is a huge amount of venture capital to pay back for yesterdays technology even at $5,000 a pop. Am I too harsh on this wonderful invention? Oh probably, but if the manufacturers are not in it to win it and will not push themselves then perhaps we can help. We should challenge these guys, so they can build it better. Considering the wonderful publicity they have gotten including the US President trying one out, why can’t they inspire themselves to take this technology to the next level, after all it is 2003 for God’s Sake. Besides by adding my improvements it could be used on water too. You could cross a lake, rescue a sinking boat, it has thousands of other uses, you could even sweep the drive way with it. Or build a robotic one which hovers and sweeps for you?

I do not mean to be so critical but if you have that kind of money to blow in venture capital, why can’t you build a better mouse trap?